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The Mahabharata
of Krishna - Dwaipayana Vyasa
translated by
Kisari Mohan Ganguli

[pub. between 1883 and 1896]

01 - Adi Parva
02 - Sabha Parva
03 - Vana Parva
04 - Virata Parva

05 - Udyoga Parva
06 - Bhishma Parva
07 - Drona Parva
08 - Karna Parva
09 - Shalya Parva
10 - Sauptika Parva
11 - Stri Parva
12 - Santi Parva
13 - Anusasana Parva
14 - Aswamedha Parva
15 - Asramavasika Parva
16 - Mausala Parva
17 - Mahaprasthanika Parva
18 - Svargarohanika Parva

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The Mahabharata

Book 13: Anusasana Parva

Kisari Mohan Ganguli, tr.


The Anusasana Parva, like the Santi Parva before it, is a long hiatus in the narrative of the Mahabharata. Set on the deathbed of Bhishma, the Anusasana Parva is a huge treasure-trove of Brahmanic lore which is obviously a later interpolation in the epic.

PRODUCTION NOTES: (1/12/2004) The printed edition we used divided this book into two parts. Note that each part's page numbering starts at page one, so if you cite a page number in this etext for some reason, you will also need to cite the part. --John Bruno Hare.

PART 1    PART 2

Part 1

Title Page

Anusasanika Parva

Section I
Section II
Section III
Section IV
Section V
Section VI
Section VII
Section VIII
Section IX
Section X
Section XI
Section XII
Section XIII
Section XIV
Section XV
Section XVI
Section XVII
Section XVIII
Section XIX
Section XX
Section XXI
Section XXII
Section XXIII
Section XXIV
Section XXV
Section XXVI
Section XXVII
Section XXVIII
Section XXIX
Section XXX
Section XXXI
Section XXXII
Section XXXIII
Section XXXIV
Section XXXV

Part 2

Title Page
Section XXXVI
Section XXXVII
Section XXXIX
Section XL
Section XLI
Section XLII
Section XLIII
Section XLIV
Section XLV
Section XLVI
Section XLVII
Section XLVIII
Section XLIX
Section L
Section LI
Section LII
Section LIII
Section LIV
Section LV
Section LVI
Section LVII
Section LVIII
Section LIX
Section LX
Section LXI
Section LXII
Section LXIII
Section LXIV
Section LXV
Section LXVI
Section LXVII
Section LXVIII
Section LXIX
Section LXX
Section LXXI
Section LXXII
Section LXXIII
Section LXXIV
Section LXXV
Section LXXVI
Section LXXVII
Section LXXIX
Section LXXX
Section LXXXI
Section LXXXII
Section LXXXIV
Section LXXXV
Section LXXXVI
Section LXXXIX
Section XC
Section XCI
Section XCII
Section XCIII
Section XCIV
Section XCV
Section XCVI
Section XCVII
Section XCVIII
Section XCIX
Section C
Section CI
Section CII
Section CIII
Section CIV
Section CV
Section CVI
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Section CVIII
Section CIX
Section CX
Section CXI
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Section CXIV
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Section CXVI
Section CXVII
Section CXVIII
Section CXIX
Section CXX
Section CXXI
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Section CXXIV
Section CXXV
Section CXXVI
Section CXXVII
Section CXXIX
Section CXXX
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Section CXXXVI
Section CXXXIX
Section CXL
Section CXLI
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Section CXLIV
Section CXLV
Section CXLVI
Section CXLVII
Section CXLIX
Section CL
Section CLI
Section CLII
Section CLIII
Section CLIV
Section CLV
Section CLVI
Section CLVII
Section CLVIII
Section CLIX
Section CLX
Section CLXI
Section CLXII
Section CLXIV
Section CLXV
Section CLXVI
Section CLXVII